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Our Practice

Our Practice

The Region’s First Center for Blending Traditional Psychiatry with Holistic and Interventional Treatments.

Founded as a private outpatient practice, Integrative Psychiatry has been providing an integrated approach for individual healing for over twenty years.

Our center is nationally recognized as a leader in providing cutting-edge psychiatric therapies such as neuromodulation, ketamine treatments, advanced psychopharmacology, cognitive testing, pharmacogenetic testing, nutritional supplementation, complimentary and alternative medicine, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.

Integrative Psychiatry was one of the first in the country to use TMS for psychiatric illness, treating depression, anxiety, OCD, pain, and tinnitus and smoking cessation. We offer individualized, patient-centered care.

With over one 100 years of combined experience, our clinicians and patient specialists are dedicated to providing a holistic and integrated treatment program for each individual. Our goal is to optimize healing with positive patient outcomes.

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